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Key West Street Photos, part two….

Some more of my favorite street scenes from Key West last month. Happy Holidays to everyone, and thank you to all of my new followers!




Key West Street Photography series, Part 1

Some recent street photos from “The Rock” – Key West. As someone who has lived there on and off for over 2 decades, I have a little bit of a different eye for the Key West most tourists know. It’s a fantastic little island, but one that requires a little searching to find the soul within….



Key West Botanical Gardens, November 2015

As someone who has lived in Key West on and off for the last 15 years, it was surprising that I had never visited. Of course, they are far off the rock – across the Cow Key Channel bridge on the rustic Stock Island.

Lots of great stuff to see, although not much blooming. Chrissy and I walked through a really poorly marked trail all through the woods and captured some of the photos of the muddy looking pond back in the woods.

It was around 2 pm, so the sunlight was pretty harsh. Shot with the Nikon Coolpix A, ISO 100, aperture 5.6 usually…botanic1botanic2botanic5botanic6BWbotanic7paint3botanic10paintbotanic11BWbotanic12hdsmoothbotanic15hdbwbotanic16hdkightbotanicbench1hd

Bahia Honda State Park Beach, Florida Keys, November 2015

While Key West is the typical destination for most tourists, I have always been fond of Bahia Honda State Park – the beaches there are significantly better than anything on Key West, and it’s usually pretty uncrowded. These photos are some of the most “typical” photos I have ever shot, and very little editing needed to be done to them – because the beach itself is just so beautiful naturally.

Shot with the Nikon Coolpix A, mostly ISO 100, aperture 5.6.bahia1bahia2bahia3bahia4bahia5bahia7bahia8bahia9bahia10bahia11bahia12bahia13