Ericson Holt & Mick Kilgos at the Little Room Jazz Bar, Key West

Ericson Holt would be my choice for my favorite keyboard player AND vocalist among the many Florida Keys music performers. He’s got old school N’Awlins piano chops combined with a whiskey-soaked voice that is steeped in emotion and vibe. Mick Kilgos is possibly one of the finest rock and blues drummers I have ever had the pleasure to perform with, and he backs up Holt with an experienced hand that most drummers couldn’t handle….from a whisper to a crash.

These are a few pics from a gig at the Little Room Jazz Bar – shot with the Nikon Coolpix A, using an analog film preset in Photoshop to get some of that analog warmth to go along with the music.  I try to make my images look like the music sounds to me….synesthesia, I suppose. I hear in colors and I see in sounds sometimes. It was inevitable that photography and music would collide in my life.


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