Chris Rehm & Dani Hoy AHOY in Key West….

During my latest trip, I tried to shoot as many photos as possible. I have done a lot of gigs with Chris Rehm and Dani Hoy, and wanted to capture what it’s like to be there. My photos are infrequently “proper” – they are not expertly exposed and focused, but I am trying to capture a mood. As one street photographer said ( I think it was Bruce Gilden) – “When I see a good street photograph, it can make me SMELL the street”….

For me, I just try to capture the essence of the subjects I am shooting, as well as the environment around them and use a touch of post-processing to make things “pop” a little. All shot with the humble Nikon Coolpix A – I am following through with the Zack Arias challenge to shoot one full year with a single camera and lens.

These photos were taken at Grunts, a small off-Duval watering hole, as well as at the Doubletree Grand, a big corporate hotel way up on the other side of the island from Duval. It was a fun week!cd9BWcd8cd7cd6cd4cd5cd3cd2cd1


One thought on “Chris Rehm & Dani Hoy AHOY in Key West….

  1. Terri Wlaschin

    Loving these. Captured the personality and the mood. Even if I did not know Dani and Chris, I would feel like I did after seeing these.



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