Key West Rambles On….local music show

During my recent visit to The Rock, I had the pleasure of seeing the Sunday Ramble, a somewhat loosely-themed grouping of various Key West blues musicians in the blues genre. Two musicians I have performed with regularly were there, Bill Blue and Ericson Holt. Mike McAdam was the tastiest guitarist of the night, and Key West stalwarts Caffeine Carl and Captain Carl provided the local guitar flavor. Why wasn’t I doing this gig? I am too far out of the loop with the “local scene” and have been living in Chicago most of this year. But I did manage to do a couple of gigs and studio sessions during the week I was there, and will hopefully play more gigs with Bill and Ericson again. These are just a few photos from my seat at the show – there was another local pro photographer at the show with much better gear than I, and hopefully she will have some amazing shots!




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