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the many moods of meatball, an english bulldog…


Buster’s Bog Photos, 2015

None is travelling

Here along this way but I,

This autumn evening.


Some photos from one of my favorite places on earth, a little piece of quiet heaven in southwestern Michigan.busterbog1-paintingbusterbog2busterflower1-2busterfungusbusterhousepaintedbusterhouserear-portraitbustersbird3busterscolors2bustersfallfoliage1bustersfields2colorsbustershawkbustershousebusterspider1bustersrocks1 (2)busterssunrise1-2busterstamaracs1bustersunset1hdr-paintingbustertreesgreat3

Cat in a window….

Working on more editing and post processing today, and ruminating on Ming Thein’s latest blog about mirrorless camera design. Also still wondering how to protect or watermark my images. Is it hubris for an unknown photographer to even worry about watermarking or protecting their images? It’s so easy to right click/save/use nearly all the images on the internets. I am afraid it will take me some time to figure out how to display my images in full resolution without losing them in the process.

To Post or not to Post high res images – watermarking? What does everyone think?

I recently had an interesting comment on an image, someone suggested that I should post larger/higher res versions of my photos. This brings up a very interesting question for me – is it a good idea to post full high res copies of my images? Should they be watermarked? Or should I stick with smaller low res images?

Now, I am far from a well known or accomplished photographer. But all the same, I don’t like the thought of people downloading high res copies of my images and using them however they wish. I am currently getting some images together to submit to Shutterstock, with hopes of being accepted there.

How do some of you other photographers and image makers feel about this issue?

photos from Key West, spring 2015